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About Us

Our ultimate ambition for our customers and partners is the development and purchasing of high-quality, innovative/trendy products at fair and best prices. Products that are desirable,elegant and awake emotions. In order to fulfill our ambition we work together with a lot of international operating and known top hairdressers, monitor the developments in the markets and pay attention to the wishes and suggestions of our customers

The success story of the Comair brand began in the 1970s with the launch of a unique comb series made of Celcon, an indestructible material. This innovative comb series was introduced with the term “blue wonder” and at that time encompassed an assortment of 10-12 different combs, which are still available today in a slightly altered form. Since then, the product portfolio of the Comair brand has continually expanded beyond the combs. It currently includes around 2,000 different products.
Since 2007 Comair Germany GmbH has sold the brand exclusively via a global sales network to wholesalers in more than 40 countries