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Comair by Hercules Sägemann 190R/490R

Article number: 7001278

Our new “Comair by Hercules” combs are valuable,
quality combs of workshop quality. These
jet black “masterpieces” made from ebonite –
vulcanised natural rubber – are hand-stitched,
hand-sanded and hand-polished. Comair
combs, of the highest standard of quality, are
developed as a result of these countless work
processes and enable very professional, gentle
work on the hair and scalp. This Comair by Hercules
comb fulfils all of a hairdresser’s needs
– of real Hercules Sägemann quality (for over
150 years), handmade in Germany.

9” Backcombing Needle Handle Comb,
with tease toothing and gripping pattern

Product specifications

ca. 21,8 cm