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The pioneering innovation... the eyebrow and eyelash colouring market – RefectoCil Sensitive. the eyebrow and eyelash colouring market – RefectoCil Sensitive.

The awareness of allergens is on the increase, as is intolerance, this having resulted in a rising demand for an effective, non-allergen eyebrow and eyelash colour.

The global leader RefectoCil – the No. 1 brand with the quality image leads when it comes to innovations in addition to it being the brand with the most complete range in the eyebrow and eyelash colour segment – closes this gap and now offers a product especially for sensitive clients.

RefectoCil Sensitive is the first eyebrow and eyelash colour that colours on a plant-based formular, making it especially suitable for use with sensitive skin and eyes. The active complex that is patent pending does not contain ammonia and comprises natural ingredients, making RefectoCil Sensitive especially well tolerated. The eyebrows and eyelashes colour has been ophthalmologically and dermatologically tested.

Not only that: the RefectoCil Sensitive application process is finished within just three minutes (!) so that it is especially fast and easy to use.

RefectoCil Sensitive is available in four natural colours:
- black for a rich colouring of eyelashes and very dark eyebrows,
- dark brown, for a dark brown colouring of medium brown and dark brown hair,
- medium brown, for a warm brown colouring of light brown and blond hair and
- light brown, for a soft brown colouring of light hair.

RefectoCil Sensitive – for naturally attractive eyes!

Erstellt am 2015-04-20